Assam Govt is speeding up the process of hiring people to fill 1 lakh jobs: Ranoj Pegu

On September 23, approximately 4,717 teachers will receive appointment letters, marking a significant day for the state’s appointment process.

Guwahati: Assam’s education minister, Ranoj Pegu, stated on Tuesday that the state is expediting the recruitment process to fill approximately 1 lakh vacancies. The minister stated at a press conference that this recruitment process will also seek out teachers with excellent grades. Despite a pending court case, he added, obstacles will be removed. He also informed the press of the decision to recruit college instructors and TET-certified individuals.

According to reports, the state will again conduct major appointments on September 23. On this date, approximately 4,717 teachers will receive appointment letters. According to a court order, 298 candidates who passed the TET exam will receive appointments, the minister added. According to the court order, 298 candidates who passed the TET exam will be appointed, and the education department will publish a white paper soon.

In addition, the education minister stated that the education department has undergone significant changes since 2011. Additionally, infrastructure development work is being performed. According to reports, advertisements for the teaching position will soon be published. Regarding Victor Das’ suspension, Ranoj Pegu stated that Das was suspended in accordance with the rules. According to the minister of education, a person who remains in police custody for 48 hours is subject to suspension. Minister added, “A department investigation will be conducted against Victor Das.”

After taking into account the report of the Panitema Radha Krishna Jugal Milan L.P. School’s Head Teacher, the Office of the District Elementary Education in Kamrup announced in a notification that Victor Das has been suspended with immediate effect. On September 9, Assam Police arrested Victor Das on charges of allegedly spreading rumours about a ‘scam’ in the ongoing recruitment process to fill over 26,000 vacant positions in various departments. The Gauhati High Court, however, granted Das interim bail until September 29.

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