Fourth madrasa demolished in Assam in one month, but this time by mob

A group of men from Assam’s Goalpara district demolished a madrasa, claiming that the Muslim institution was a “hub of anti-national and jihadi activities”.

This is the fourth madrasa to be demolished in Assam in the last few weeks with the first three being pulled down by BJP government authorities. A police officer said “the residents of the area were agitated over the alleged anti-Indian and ‘jihadi’ activities” in the madrasa after a cleric associated with the madrasa, Jalaluddin Sheikh, 49, was arrested for ” his role in ‘jihadi’ activities”.

Now, the students of the institute are facing an uncertain future, and this ‘voluntary demolition’ of a madrasa by Muslims themselves says something about the status of Muslims under Assam’s Hindu extremist government. In August, the state’s BJP government demolished three madrasas.

Assam’s Muslim lawmakers wrote to the National Commission for Minorities over the government’s demolition of madrasas.

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